Terms and Conditions

  • Everland Play kindly asks everyone to follow the following Rules and Regulations for the safety and enjoyment of all our guests.

    1. No clean socks = No Play! Clean socks are required for all adults and children that want to enter the facilities.
    2. Everland Play is an adult supervised facility. Parents, guardians, and children supervisor’s please use the facility at your own risk.
    3. No sick children please…For the safety and health of all our children, we ask only “well” children play in our facilities. Any child that is sick will be asked kindly to leave and will be given a “rain-check” ticket to be used within 7 days.
    4. No outside drinks or food unless approved.
    5. All foods and drinks must stay in the designated eating area. Such as the party rooms and the Everland Café. No food or drinks allowed in the play area.
    6. No glass containers or fragile merchandise in the play area.
    7. No rough play allowed.
    8. No children may be dropped off. Children needs to be with an adult at all times.
    9. No birthday or parties without reservations.