• Become an Everland Play’s Franchisee

    When you become an Everland Play's franchisee, you'll benefit from our help every step of the way. Our expert team will provide training and ongoing support to help you successfully build your business. Our team will assist and support all franchisees with:
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    • Site Selection
    • Store Build-Out and Consultation
    • Finance Package
    • Marketing and Public Relations Support
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    • Equipment Package
    • Complete Training Program
    • Operations Manual and Ongoing Support
    • Franchise Business Managers
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  • Site Selection

    • Demographic information
    • Trade area maps
    • Site economics

    After you have identified your site, our team will provide feedback and guidance with your:

    • Letter of intent
    • Site acceptance
    • Lease negotiation
    • Construction processes
  • Store Build-Out and Consultation

    Once your lease is signed, our team will assist with your franchise build-out and set-up. Our expert team will provide consultation with:

    • Completing the initial layout of your space using CAD files provided by your landlord
    • Working with your real estate team to ensure the work letter is sufficient in effort to avoid excessive build-out costs
    • Revisions of your architect’s modifications to our base plans and finalization of the completed site-specific plans
    • Approval of the final drawings providing by your architect
    • Review of general contractors’ bids and assistance with the selection of a general contractor
    • Vendor relations for branding & marketing which includes web design, POS systems, exterior signage, carpet and equipment needed to open your franchise
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  • Finance Package

    We have relationships with financial institutions that have experience in assisting our franchisees with financing.


    Equipment Package

    We’ll support you with a consolidated equipment package that covers every piece of equipment you’ll need for your franchise, from your inflatable slides to your ice machine. Ongoing care and maintenance for your equipment is specified in your Operations Manual.

  • Complete Training Program

    As a franchise owner and operator you are required to complete a classroom and on-site training course. Curriculum includes the following:

    • POS operation
    • Walk-in and party check-in procedures
    • Opening and closing duties
    • Scheduling and hosting a birthday party
    • Recruiting, interviewing, hiring and training your staff
    • Scheduling and labor management
    • Accounting procedures
    • Developing a marketing plan
    • Setting up your back office
    • Customer service skills
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    Franchise Business Managers

    Once your Everland Play’s franchisee is successfully up and running, each store is assigned a Franchise Business Manager. All of our Franchise Business Managers have extensive grand opening and operating experience to assist you with your strategic and operational questions which you will inevitably encounter after your grand opening. Your Franchise Business Manager will provide motivation, encouragement, and share best practices helping to eliminate the frustrations typically experienced in a start-up business.

  • Operations Manual and Ongoing Support

    You will be given an Operations Manual that provides detailed instructions on day-to-day operations, accounting, hiring, training, and employee motivation. It is a blueprint for all of our operational systems.

    Marketing and Public Relations Support

    Everland Play’s corporate team also provides assistant with marketing and public relations, including grand opening planning assistance, local store marketing tactical plans, public relations support and assistance and ongoing training and resources.

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  • Become an Everland Play Franchisee

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